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DR. Rupinder kaur kaiche
AUthor : Beats of thought, Sunshine,Dewdrops

Rupinder Kaur Kaiche is a romantic poet who finds every aspect of nature beautiful. Be it dawn or dusk, sunshine or rain, cold winter day or night, all have an appealing charm. She enjoys the rivers, the mountains, the clouds as much as the sea, the rocks and the moon. For her, cobweb, glass, bricks all have a character. ‘Window’ opens the doors of positivity.
She was born in Punjab, a state renowned for its flourishing greenary. Being a daughter of an army officer ,she grew up in a patriotic, disciplined and sensitive environment which reflects in her poems.
She started writing when she was in 10 th standard. Her mother woke her up before dawn to study. However the mesmerising transition of a star studded night into a fiery dawn inspired her to write which has continued since. Her poetry has evolved over the years with different life experiences adding different colours to her expression.


A glimpse of the journey

A glimpse of the journey

not all who wonder are lost
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A series of poems explores nature’s majestic beauty.
Over the course of 51 poems, Kaur Kaiche (Dew Drops, 2014) declares her adoration for flora and fauna alike in simple odes to everything from animals (turtles, butterflies, whales) to weather (sunshine, clouds)more. The milieu the poet inhabits is fertile, lush, and often sun-drenched; it is a place of ceaseless optimism and pain, and longing inherent in romantic relationships.
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