Rupinder Kaiche

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

Rupinder Kaur Kaiche is a romantic poet who finds every aspect of nature beautiful. Be it dawn or dusk, sunshine or rain, cold winter day or night, all have an appealing charm. She enjoys the rivers, the mountains, the clouds as much as the sea, the rocks and the moon. For her, cobweb, glass, bricks all have a character.’Window” opens the doors of positivity.


Strong is the pen that can speak through its writings.


Reading is food for your soul's what I believe.


With hands full of mud, as you sow the seed with love and care, it is heavenly to see it grows into a tree

Listing music

music has the power to connect humanity in one loving bond.

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.

William Wordsworth
Guest Appearances
Presentations All Around The Globe
  • International Book Festivals in Frankfurt,London
  • International Book Festivals in Chicago,Mexico and Kuala Lumpur
  • Delhi Book Fair,Pragati Maidan
  • Member and guest speaker at Poetry Society U.K