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Mother nature has given so many wonderful gifts...

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Sunshine is a collection of poems that are bright and optimistic as the title. The different hues of nature are beautifully expressed in rhythmic charm. The different shades of clouds, the waterfalls, the riversall get a larger-than-life portrayal in poetic form. The poet makes us fall in love with the woodpecker, the whale, and the baby elephant. The poems describing the trees are very heartwarming. Surely no one will feel like cutting trees after reading these poems.
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Dewdrops is a collection of poems mainly about nature.Mountains, trees, rocks, clouds, rain are all brought to life by the poet. The poet makes us fall in love with nature and arouses in us the dormant ability to appreciate each and every aspect of it. There are some poems glorifying women-hood. The beauty of women young and old, her happiness and sorrows, her love and sensuality are all described in a heartwarming way.The poems about a mother and a daughter are sensitive and emotional. 
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A Poems that will really make you tremble with anticipation!

Rupinder kaur kaiche

Come walk with me, O! wind hold my lonely hand.
Be my soulmate, be my friend
I leave no marks on the sand.

Come blow my entangled hair, Caress my sagging cheeks.
I know you are always there, lifting me when I am meek.

You bring the fragrance
of the fresh bloom to me,

you bring the distant cry of the wolves to me.
With the first shower of rain the freshness of the wet soil......


Rupinder Kaiche

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

Author is a romantic poet who finds every aspect of nature beautiful. Be it dawn or dusk, sunshine or rain, cold winter day or night, all have an appealing charm. She enjoys the rivers, the mountains, the clouds as much as the sea, the rocks and the moon. For her, cobweb, glass, bricks all have a character.’Window” opens the doors of positivity.