Dew Drops

Dew Drops


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Dewdrops is a collection of poems mainly about nature. Mountains, trees, rocks, clouds, rain are all brought to life by the poet. The magnificence and charisma of each character are beautifully described. The poet appears to observe nature intricately and enjoys it wholeheartedly. This love and appreciation of nature get transferred to the reader while reading the poems. There is a rhythm to each poem. The poet makes us fall in love with nature and arouses in us the dormant ability to appreciate each and every aspect of it. There are some poems glorifying womanhood. The beauty of women young and old, her happiness and sorrows, her love and sensuality are all described in a heartwarming way. The poems about a mother and a daughter are sensitive and emotional. Poems that describe the carefree nature of children have a unique charm and freshness to them. In today's world children are also leading a stressful life. The poet reminds us gently to allow them to be playful and innocent. There is a lot of hope and optimism in poetry, which makes us feel rejuvenated and refreshed after reading


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