Turtles , Which are amongst the oldest group of reptile, spend most of their lives in water. They come on the sand to lay eggs. Turtles have been around for 120 million years.

Did you know.

1) Tortoise have travelled till space in 1968 in soviet union launched space probe zond 5.

2) Alligator snapping turtle can grow upto 2.5 feet long, weighing upto 200 pounds.

3) Some turtle that existed in the age of dinosaurs are still around.

4) June 16 is celebrated as ” World Sea Turtle Day ”

5) Turtle “Cry” but not because they are sad – just doing some spring clearing.

They are in deep trouble and it is our fault. There are seven species of sea turtle , six of which are endangered.
Human pose the biggest threat to their survival by consumption  of their eggs and meat, entanglement, habitat loss.

” Turtle are adorable — Save Them”

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