Stand Tall My Friend

Stand Tall My Friend

Confined in our homes,
Let us free our spirits.

Away from friends,
Let us befriend ourselves.

With no vehicle at our disposal,
Let us take a walk within.

With no colleagues to consult,
Let us whisper to ourselves.

With no one to feed our egos,
Let us treasure humility.

With no one to curse around,
Let us cherish our blessings.

With no one to party with,
Let us enjoy ourselves.

With no one to beautify us,
Let our happiness mirror our beauty.

With no one to hold our hand,
Let us hold oneself.

With solitude outside and peace within,
Let us bless ourselves to stand tall my friend.


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Lovely!!! Best to rejuvenate ourselves 👌👌

Jagdish khushal borole


Very beautiful
So true

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