A series of poems explores nature’s majestic beauty.
Over the course of 51 poems, Kaur Kaiche (Dew Drops, 2014) declares her adoration for flora and fauna alike in simple
odes to everything from animals (turtles, butterflies, whales) to weather (sunshine, clouds) to food (corn on the cob), and
more. The milieu the poet inhabits is fertile, lush, and often sun-drenched; it is a place of ceaseless optimism and
awe-inspiring events. Trees act as companions, friends, and confessors. Sunflowers “follow the sun from dawn to dusk, /
Like a little baby behind mom’s skirt.” In “Down Under,” the poet describes “a world of coral mountains, / Hidden caves
and sandy grounds, / Where orange, red ’n’ purple anemones, / Starry star fishes they surround.” “Do I Miss You” and
“My Teenage Son,” which reference the poet’s father and son, respectively, veer from the nature motif into familial
admiration territory. A trio of poems—“Tabla,” “In Love With a Ghost,” and “For You…”—examines the pleasure,
pain, and longing inherent in romantic relationships. In an abrupt departure from the nature path, “My Angel” describes
an angel watching over an operation, as told from the perspective of the physician. Kaur Kaiche occasionally captures
the vitality of nature, and when she does, it is delightful, as in “When the sun rose”: “Peeping from its burrow, / Jumped
the snowy rabbit out. / Grabbing a mouse in its mouth, / The sharp eyed eagle gave a victory shout.”

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