Beats of Thoughts


‘Beats of Thought’ is a collection of poems by Dr Rupinder Kaur Kaiche, which reflect the heartbeat, the love fringing the thoughts leading to the conception of the poems.She is a nature lover and believes in nature conservation as an extension of feelings of love, compassion and pain for it’s abuse.Like her earlier 2 books, ‘Beats of Thought’ also has many poems celebrating the colossal beauty of nature.Some of her poems draw our attention to the consequences of our misuse and abuse of nature.Poems highlighting the cry of nature for attention and compassion are powerful and soul-stirring.They provoke the reader to feel and live the plight of our rivers, forests and fauna. She has also written some very expressive poems depicting human emotions like love, happiness etc.She articulates very adeptly the power of anger which can be constructively channelized.Her poem describing’Lost Simplicity’ is an eye-opener.She aptly affirms that love is such a powerful emotion that not only can we win over people, but we can experience bliss through it. The poems expressing her adoring interaction with her children are warm-hearted and affectionate


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