My wonderful experience in kuala Lumpur

Who says people don’t read book anymore .

No one reads book in this age of Internet, and poetry is outdated ‘ My son told dismissively  a few days back. However, I could refute his viewpoint confidently due to my experience in Kuala Lumpur International book fair. It was heartening to see so many people visiting each stall and browsing through books meticulously and patiently. Their enthusiasm was infectious. It brought satisfying smile on my face with realisation amongst  many of them would read my books. And if i could make them fall in love with nature, the purpose behind publishing my poem would be fulfilled.

It has become fashionable to have discussion about global warming and its repercussions. Everyone wants to give suggestions about ways to conserve nature. However, do we allocate time from our busy daily schedule for nature conservation ? we have time only for things we love to do. So, unless we love nature, we will never have time for nature.


‘Dewdrops’ and ‘Sunshine’  are my humble effort in trying to make everyone fall in love with nature. To open up the beautiful world of tree and river, horses and bees, tulip and turtle and much much more. They all touch our lives so tenderly and intricately, yet we don’t have time for appreciate them.

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